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Golf Instruction with Jodi Golf in Scottsdale

30 Minute Lessons $30

Jump in and experience the sound, feel and joy of hitting a great shot!

Golf lessons in Scottsdale:  For every paying adult, a child's golf lesson is free like the play at Coronado where every adult who buys a green fee, their child plays for free. golf in Scottsdale


Golf is a way to experience highs, lows, responsibly, ownership and creativity all inside the respectful game of Golf. Together we share in our victories continue to learn how to focus on the target while respecting ourselves and cheering on our fellow golfers. 


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my favorite club hold

 I like this grip because I can hold tight or loosely and confidently swing my club. I hope you like it!

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Jodi's off course Passions: Great Women in Golf Radio NBCSports;  Sponsoring Artists Against Hunger in Mityana, Uganda

Teaching golf out of Coronado Golf Course

2829 N Miller Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

(360) 620-2822