Jodi Cunningham, Paradise Valley, AZ

(360) 620-2822

Through the Grace of God, my focus is on a new target!


Golf update!

After 7 years of enjoying 300 plus students and golfing daily, 2018 gave me the opportunity to live in NYC. 


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my favorite club hold

 I like this grip because I can hold tight or loosely and confidently swing my club. I hope you like it!

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Jodi's off course Passions:  Sponsoring Artists Against Hunger in Mityana, Uganda and all things to advance justice and peace through Christian truths and disciplines. Jodi Cunningham is not responsible for donations delivered or processed. Please Contact Artists Against Hunger to learn of needs and use of donations.

Retired from Teaching Golf but still playing!

Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Arizona 85032, United States

(360) 620-2822